Is it unconstitutional to tow a homeless person’s car in Seattle?

Had a conversation with lawyer Ann LoGerfo on Seattle Morning News from Columbia Legal Services about her client’s appeal victory in Seattle over the city towing his vehicle that also serves as his home as unconstitutional…the city is appealing the win and this case could go before the state supreme court.

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Raising Free Range Kids with Lenore Skenazy


Had a thrill this week interviewing Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids. Ten years ago this month, Lenore wrote about letting her son go on a subway in the Big Apple alone. The piece she wrote sparked outrage and also a new movement: letting kids have the childhood we had growing up…letting them Free Range!

Utah just passed the first Free Range legislation…Lenore gives all the details in my interview with her!

Also, I highly recommend this bit she did with the Daily Show a few years ago…

The Daily Show spoof with Lenore Skenazy

Want to catch up with Lenore and the Free Range Movement:

Free Range Kids

Let Grow Non Profit

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