Howard Behar: Life Outside the Cookie Cutter



“Every day I want to nurture and inspire the human spirit beginning with myself first and then for others. I say self, first, because I found out that if you’re not ok physically, emotionally and mentally with yourself it’s hard to help someone else.”

Meet Howard Behar…former Starbucks International President.

The quote above represents his mission statement, something he repeats to himself daily as a reminder of his life’s purpose: then and now.

Not exactly what you’d expect from one of the three executives responsible for taking the coffee giant from a small regional chain to an international powerhouse.

Anyone from Seattle is as familiar with the Starbuck’s “backstory” as they are ordering their favorite drink. Or at least I am.

Howard Schultz was the visionary, Howard Behar the soul and Orin Smith the financial.


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Conscious Uncoupling In The Suburbs

Conscious Uncoupling in the suburbs: An Authentic Conversation about Parenting, Life, Love and Marriage in the Year 2016

Kara and I first met 12 years ago when I placed an ad on Craigslist for a babysitter. We were both stay-at-home moms.

I wanted to work a few hours a week on a novel I was writing and Kara was “looking to earn a little extra ‘mad money.’” I remembered her saying, a little sarcastically with an ironic chuckle… which suited my personality.

We met for the first time in her kitchen and as we got to know each other, I recognized a kindred spirit: on the outside we just looked like regular moms, but on the inside, we were not women to be trifled with. We wanted to do amazing things AND raise our children OUR own way.


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