Community comes together for the children one year after the death of Charleena Lyles

My interview with Dee Hillis from Solid Ground and Lhorna Murray who is a resident at Solid Ground, a mother and an artist. Lhorna was key in helping the community focus on the children who hadn’t dealt with the trauma of Charleena Lyles’ death. Working with Art with Heart they were able to get out some of the anger, pain and fear through art therapy…

To see the wonderful art created by the children at their “Lit” gallery showing check out:

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Belltown resident filming drug and homeless activity to send message…

Story on

Here’s my interview with Melody whose videos represents what life has become for many Seatttleite’s…her daily grind includes stepping by drug addicts shooting up on the sidewalk in broad daylight and people having sex in the alcove of her garage which they also use as a personal toilet…

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Plogging…a little/big something we could learn from the Swedes!


Erik Ahlstrom is a Swedish man who believes that litter is a sign of a dysfunctional society. He’s started a new form of environmentalism called, Plogging. Simply put it means picking up trash with friends while jogging…and it’s having an impact in Sweden and across the world.

Learn all about Plogging in my feature on Seattle Morning News at KIRO Radio 97.3!

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Is it unconstitutional to tow a homeless person’s car in Seattle?

Had a conversation with lawyer Ann LoGerfo on Seattle Morning News from Columbia Legal Services about her client’s appeal victory in Seattle over the city towing his vehicle that also serves as his home as unconstitutional…the city is appealing the win and this case could go before the state supreme court.

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