Homeless in Seattle

Have you heard of The Jungle in Seattle?

When you think of Seattle, maybe you conjure images of the Space Needle or some cool high-tech place, or mountains or lakes, Evergreen trees and rain.

The Jungle I’m referring to is a lawless homeless encampment along the elevated section of Interstate 5 that snakes into Seattle and has become the underbelly where hundreds of people live in tents and makeshift structures…

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An interview with the mayor on Sound Transit 3 | PIPPIMAMA PODCAST



Welcome to the Renton Reporter’s first podcast!

We’re looking to branch out a bit and try new things and we’d like to present what we hope will be the first in new podcast series featuring our very own columnist Carolyn Ossorio, the Pippimama.

You know Carolyn from writing columns for us here at the Reporter and she’s game to try something new that we hope you’ll like.

We’re not entirely sure of the final format will be for Carolyn’s podcast, but we know it will be her interviewing interesting people and newsmakers here in Renton.

For her first podcast, Carolyn sat down with Renton Mayor Denis Law to discuss the upcoming Sound Transit 3 ballot measure and what it means for Renton, as well as his plan to move the transit center to the corner of Grady Way and Rainier Avenue South.

So give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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