Blaine and Celine are typical children of divorce, except for a mother who has fallen under the spell of a hallucinating, money-hungry healing guru and a father who can’t quite handle his wife’s dramatic change.

At age 10 and 12, the girls try every trick in their arsenal to get their parents to just get along, but the cause is long lost. Instead they are torn from their home and father and carried away to the Paradise Regained commune in the Siskiyou Mountains of California.

Blaine and her sister Celine’s journey is a perilous one. The girls realize they are not alone. They have each other and discover their own inner strength, as they identify with the strong female characters in literature they have read and been inspired by such as, Pippi Longstocking.

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Pippimamma is currently working on a new book, If You Give a Pippimamma a Pancake…

Read more about it in her Huffington Post piece with the same title.

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